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Dumbass Doom Dumbass Doom

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Why didn't I see this before?!

I'm damn surprised I never saw this movie until now. All my five, man.

Also... emotional moment camping for the win!

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My US of Whateva! My US of Whateva!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You've still got it!

Hells yeah. You deserve every 10 you get!

WoW: When Gnomes Fly WoW: When Gnomes Fly

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not quite up to LF standard...

I've found that your movies have become few and far between lately... I mean, there hasn't been a new one in a really long time. I know you've been busy with TSAH2, but geez... oh well, I guess you must just be busy with other stuff.

Now, on to the movie review: The graphics were good (generally the best part) and the animation wasn't bad. Unfortunately, I noticed a few times that a person or object moved but part of it stayed behind. Also, there was a good deal of lag. Sound quality wasn't that good... it was kinda funny, but I don't know WoW that well. I think I missed a few jokes somewhere. I liked the punch line, though! Oh the irony -_-

I look forward to TSAH2. Hopefully that will be better. I still voted five (diehard LF fan) but it was far from your best.

Haven Episode 1 Haven Episode 1

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Legendary Frog inspired... which is a good thing!

The graphics were pretty good, but you lost marks because you so blatantly ripped off Legendary Frog. It's exactly the same style. Still, you picked the right person to rip off, and your name is creative. Style bonus. Animation sucked though. Kinda funny, but cheesy. Sound was pretty weird. Still, it's 3-worthy, which is better than most. Good job!

My advice: do some more flash, but don't submit it. I didn't submit my first till I had been working for 2 years. That didn't do too well, but it's only because it was a school project done in 2 weeks. I'm working on a joint project, though, which will be far better. kthxbye!

famebyframe responds:

HOLY COW! I cant believe someone actually stumbled upon this,

its like 2 years old lol I'm a lot better than I was then, I just havent made anything worth submitting

seeing as how now I only work with frame by frame to actually give my name some sort of merit,

if your on DA leave me a comment on my page, the links in my profile

thanks again for your time ^^

MGS: TAS Episode 3 MGS: TAS Episode 3

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's like Burnout.

I find it unbelievably awesome and I have no idea why. I mean, the graphics suck, the animation is so-so, and the voices are strange. For some reason, though, I love it to pieces. I'm going to have to play this backwards to search for satanic messages.

The People's Mario The People's Mario

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wait... your THIRD movie?!

Jesus H Christ! THIRD?! God, I HOPE you don't count mini-animations that exist just to practice... if you do, then I bow to you. I bet you could beat the living hell out of Chuck Norris if you wanted to.
Graphics: Awesome. You are an artist. Un-freakin'-believable.
Style: Normally I use this to judge animation. This time, I made an exception, because this is one of those movies where the art is so good that it makes up for the animation. Seriously, I had to watch it twice to even see that there was anything that wasn't perfect. How the hell did you do the spinning hammer? Some 3d program?
Sound: Perfect. The Red Army Choir was a good choice and the sound effects were top tier.
Violence: You could see the propaganda... "The Soviet Union will brutally crush any who get in our way!"
Interactivity: It was a movie.
Humor: In your face, commies!

One of my all-time favourite movies. And you say that this is your third movie? Please make a fourth. I'd love to see it! Voting 5.

Rest in Peace Piconjo Rest in Peace Piconjo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I don't care whether people liked him or not...

...but, in the immortal words of FPS doug, "When a teammate gets fragged in RL, it really puts things in perspective..." It doesn't matter if that teammate was a n00b, a TKer, or anything else. RIP, piconjo. RIP.

By the way: I gave you 10 just so the movie would get a better score. It was less of a movie than an announcement.

catbrush responds:


Thanks for the review.
Piconjo <3s j00.

X-Naut vs Anime Kitty ^_^ X-Naut vs Anime Kitty ^_^

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Well... the art's good.

Thats it. There's nothing else good about this. The sound was horribly annoying. Were you seriously trying to make a good movie when you made this??? I swear, you must have been trying to piss people off! The cat made no noise, really. The robot only made the dial-up connection noise. At the end, that's all it was. The connection noise REALLY loud.

Pretty stupid. Though I assume that's what you were going for.
At least be happy that it isn't "B." That was terrible.

The Japanese Pokerap 2 The Japanese Pokerap 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Love it or hate it...

Like I said, it seems that people either love this movie or hate it. Me? I love it to bits. It seemed like pure genius. Though that was probably because I saw Geeks in Love and Ultimate Showdown. Oh, well... genius or result of weed, this is easily one of my favourite movies.

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Neighboring Nations Neighboring Nations

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome. You are a GENIUS.

This is an amazingly well done piece of work. Graphics really capture the feel of those cartoon characters that promote good morals... y'know, those ones. At the same time, there's no lack of skill apparent in animation (as I've noticed is often the case... people can usually do art or animation, but not both effectively), and the jokes are hi-frickin'-larious. I gave it a violence score for the whole series, because there wasn't any in this episode... except for the first part. Didn't see that one coming. Heh. Keep up the awesome work!